My friends think I'm prepotent.

For the love of architecture
  • visual-me:

    Blouse. Elsa Schiaparelli  (Italian, 1890–1973). Date: ca. 1937. Culture: French. Medium: rayon. Dimensions: Length at CB: 21 1/2 in. (54.6 cm).

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  • Gustav Klimt, Judith I (detail)


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  • sbarnesphoto:

    New Yorker Fashion Photographer and dancer Brian Jamie photographs a new, up-and-coming model: 22 year old Alex Barber for CALEO Magazine.

    This model is gorgeous. I hope to see much, much more.

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  • The Moon sets behind the temple of Poseidon at Sounio 

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    Incredible shoe & No-show sock collection

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    Jeantaud, Linet and Laine, Edgar Degas

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